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executives Welcome to County Executives of America (CEA), the only non-partisan association dedicated specifically to chief elected county officials. Our organization has spent over 40 years helping county leaders reach their goals. Whether you are interested in strong advocacy, economic development, grant and appropriations research,  legislative and regulatory analysis, or if you simply want to participate in a working dialogue with your colleagues across the country, County Executives of America can help you.CEA began as a league formed by county executives who believed that the job as the chief elected officer of a county was too important to overlook. Their initial desire to create an alliance that would assist county officers in executing their duties sparked a dramatic evolution that produced today's association of nearly 700 counties.

CEA's current membership includes County Executives, County Judges, Parish and Borough Presidents, City-County Mayors, Commission Presidents and Chairs, and all county leaders elected at-large by the public constituency.

County Executives Television Network (CETN)

flag Local leaders and first responders are on the front lines of homeland security preparedness and response. Before the President or even a governor declares a disaster, the local county executive is the first one on the ground to recognize and declare a situation to be a disaster. As evidenced by the aftermath of recent man-made and natural disasters and anticipated dangers, local preparedness and local response are the essential means for saving lives and preserving critical assets during a disaster. Responding to the increasing demand for best practices in preparedness and training for emergency response, the County Executives of America (CEA) is launching the County Executives Television Network (CETN).

CETN is an emergency communications and training resource that allows county executives to share critical emergency response information, collaborate on best practices and access workforce education. CETN will connect more than 3,000 counties from across the country via the website, while offering educational programming dealing with manmade and natural disasters such as wildfires, floods, hurricanes and terrorist events.

CETN was created as an extension of the resources and information that CEA has provided for more than 40 years. And through a partnership with Critical Information Network (CiNet) on the production and distribution of training content, CEA members will now have access to industry-leading learning brands that have served the law enforcement, emergency medical services and first responder communities for more than 20 years. This critical training content will improve the knowledge base of your staff, and new programs will be regularly added as new threats arise. For example, a course on the prevention and containment of the H1N1 virus is available to help county employees react to any swine flu emergencies that arise within their communities.


CETN Leadership

Mike Griffin - Executive Director - CEA
Mike Griffin
Executive Director - CEA



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