County and Business Membership

CEA welcomes public-private partnerships. Through its Associate Member Program, CEA works with members of the private sector to build public-private partnerships that improve communities across the nation. Associate members offer important contributions from an industry perspective. CEA welcomes all civic-oriented businesses to join or make contributions to the organization.

CEA believes that all counties, large and small, ought to be represented. So, we've made joining CEA easy and affordable through our unique annual dues payment plan based on a formula of one cent per county resident as listed in the census. For example, a county with a population of 100,000 will pay annual dues of $1,000.


Benefits of Membership

Exclusive programs and products designed to help you more efficiently manage your county, state, and federal officials across the country. Start saving your county money today!

Representing County Executives, County Judges, County Mayors, Parish Presidents, Boroughs, and City- County Consolidations

As a member of County Executives of America, you will profit from an organization that caters to your specific needs. CEA’s membership is comprised of top-level elected local government officials. All members must be duly elected by and fully represent their entire constituency, responsible for county budgets and services, and have authority for civil employees. CEA members are the top decision-makers in their counties and have full responsibility for the growth of the local economy and the well-being of county citizens.

Those elected work hard to be effective leaders and to accommodate the needs of the people and communities they serve. CEA works directly with principal decision-makers in all areas of government, so our members get their needs heard and questions answered. CEA also works with private sector business leaders from around the world to create economic opportunities for our members' local communities. County Executives of America provides its members with the voice they need to remain strong politically and information on valuable county programs that help our members cut costs and improve local services.

CEA spans the entire nation. There are over 700, of just over 3,000 U.S. counties, that follow a "county executive" government structure. CEA represents those counties that maintain a county executive style of government, affording the association a presence in 45 states.