County Executives of America partners with Deterra Drug Deactivation and Disposal System

Washington, D.C. – January 31, 2024 – County Executives of America (CEA), the nation’s only non-partisan association dedicated to serving elected county officials, announced today a new partnership aimed at helping counties combat substance misuse.


CEA is partnering with the Deterra® Drug Deactivation and Disposal System to increase access to permanent, at-home drug disposal. Deterra empowers everyone to safely destroy unwanted drugs – including opioids and fentanyl – to help prevent drug misuse and protect the environment.


CEA’s exclusive partnership with Deterra will help educate chief elected county officials such as county executives, judges, mayors, and commissioners about the importance of proper drug disposal and how to incorporate at-home drug deactivation into local prevention and environmental protection efforts. CEA members will receive exclusive pricing on all Deterra products.


“Access to proper drug disposal is essential to prevent misuse,” says CEA President and Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy. “What sets Deterra apart from competitors is that it’s safe for the environment and helps prevent contamination of our natural resources.”


Deterra is an evidence-based prevention tool and an eligible expense for opioid settlement dollars as well as many grant opportunities. Several CEA members currently include Deterra in their prevention efforts with funding secured through local opioid settlement funds and other sources.


“Making sure unwanted drugs do not get into the wrong hands is crucial to help combat the opioid epidemic,” says Chautauqua County Executive and CEA member PJ Wendel. “We’re looking to create a law right here in Chautauqua County that would require all of our pharmacies to provide a Deterra Pouch for the safe disposal of medication.”


In a simple 3-step process, a user deactivates drugs by putting them in a Deterra Pouch, adding water, shaking, and throwing away in the normal household trash. Each pouch uses organic activated carbon to deactivate unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications, most illicit drugs and vape fluid.*


Deterra’s plant-based packaging and non-toxic ingredients also prevent harmful chemicals from entering landfills and water supplies, making the world safer for everyone.


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About County Executives of America (CEA)

The County Executives of America (CEA) is the only non-partisan association dedicated specifically to chief elected county officials. Our organization has spent over 40 years helping county leaders get more resources and govern better. CEA’s current membership includes County Executives, County Judges, Parish and Borough Presidents, City-County Mayors, Commission Presidents and Chairs, and all county leaders elected at-large by the public constituency. CEA serves officials in over 700 counties nationwide.


About Deterra and Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Minneapolis-based Verde Environmental Technologies Inc. is a privately owned company committed to developing research-based scientifically proven solutions to reduce drug misuse and negative environmental impact. The patented Deterra® Drug Deactivation and Disposal System is powered by proprietary activated carbon, which deactivates drugs. Deterra is highly effective in adsorbing and firmly binding drugs, rendering them inert, unavailable for misuse and safe for the environment. Visit to learn more.