Pharmacy Cost Containment Solutions for CEA Membership

CEA membership offers a valuable advantage through our collaboration with Health Insurance Solutions (HISI), the esteemed Pharmacy Benefits Administrator (PBA) affiliated with CEA. HISI specializes in optimizing prescription drug cost management, ensuring top-tier performance in this vital marketplace.  This Pharmacy Benefit Administrative service, provided to counties at no expense, excels in the evaluation, negotiation, supervision, and oversight of self-funded pharmacy benefit programs, with a strong focus on mitigating the soaring costs of specialty medications.

An outstanding example of the impact of this partnership can be found in Albany County, NY, which has realized savings exceeding $7.2 million. HISI, as the Pharmacy Benefits Administrator, is unwavering in its commitment to:

  • Targeting the utilization of specialty medications to deliver substantial savings.
  • Eliminating cost-sharing for our members.
  • Reducing overall specialty drug costs for employers.
  • Ensuring that employers save money while members receive their medications at no additional cost.

We invite you to explore HISI’s services to discover how they can assist you in uncovering potential savings and implementing cost-effective solutions