Paul Marcone & Associates, LLC

Paul Marcone & Associates, LLC is a premier government relations firm offering specialized assistance at the federal level to a diverse range of entities including private companies, non-profit institutions, faith-based organizations, and social service organizations. Our services span from securing federal grant funding and expanding opportunities for federal support, to legislative advocacy, federal contracting, and regulatory relief. With over 40 years of Capitol Hill and government experience, Paul and his team are adept at turning your goals into achievements.

Our team possesses the knowledge, contacts, and experience necessary to develop effective strategies for securing federal funding, orchestrating legislative advocacy campaigns, obtaining federal contracts, and securing regulatory relief for organizations of all sizes. We excel in assisting organizations that have not traditionally pursued federal funding or advocacy initiatives, crafting bespoke strategies that deliver success at the federal level.

If you represent a private company, non-profit institution, university, college, faith-based organization, after-school program, social service organization, educational program, fire department, law enforcement agency, port authority, senior citizen community, hospital, food bank, transit authority, or any entity in need of federal funding, regulatory relief, federal contracts, or policy changes at the federal level, Paul Marcone & Associates is your go-to partner. Let's talk about how we can help you navigate and succeed in the federal landscape.